JEC - PWM version


PWM outputs: 2 x dual proportional/on-off solenoid valves (control of 2 me­chanical sections, 12 or 24 Vdc).

More details

  • Possibility to mount a roller (with a dedicated PWM driver inside the handle) on the front plate for third proportional function.
  • Current output range (PWM): from 100 to 1600 mA.
  • Dither frequency: from 60 to 250 Hz (100 Hz factory preset).
  • Up to 6 push buttons on the front plate (only if there isn’t the roller mounted).
  • Up to 3 push buttons on rear plate.
  • Joystick connector type: Deutsch DT.
  • Dedicated cable kit with AMP JT connectors for the connection with sole­noid valves.
  • Dedicated calibration and configuration tool for setting: Imin, Imax, ramps, duty cycle, dither frequency.
  • PWM signals calibration: using an apposite software for PC and a RS232 serial line communication. It is necessary a special programming cable in order to realize the connection between the joystick and the PC.