Electronic remote control systems

The electronic control/regulation system proposed by Salami SpA operates in the following way: the actuators perform an electro-hydraulic transducing of actions decided by the processing unit, which processes the received signals at input by an electronic joystick.

It is possible to choise the type (PWM, Analog, CAN) and the most appropriate configuration of the electronic joystick for your application by referring to the JEC family (Joystick Electronic Control).

The electronic control unit ECS is able to command from 1 to 8 sections (proportionally or digitally) through a dynamic configuration of input/output signals managed by software and wireless and it is compatible for dual-CAN communications (CANopen and SAEJ1939). The wireless management also allows to remotely check the operation and the diagnostic of the device. The ECS can be offered in two modes: ECS8 for the management of valves up to 8 sections, ECS4 for the management of valves up to 4 sections.

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  • JEC – Joystick electronic control


    • Hall Effect contactless technology.

    • Supply voltage: 8 - 32 Vdc.

    • Main body material: aluminium.

    • Suitable for heavy duty applications.

    • Lever deflection angle: ± 22° ±1°.

    • Operating temperature range: -25°C / + 80°C.

    • Protection class (above panel): up to IP 67.

    • Life: > 5 million cycles.

    • Multifunction, ergonomic and symmetric handle.

    • Single axis (bi-directional movement).

    • Dual axes (cross or all diagonals movement).

    • Possibility to mount dead man push button.

    • On-off (using 3 A inductive push buttons) and proportional (using axis mo­vement and rollers) controls available.

    • Deutsch connectors. 

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