Low noise gear pump made with aluminium alloy body and cast iron flanges and rear covers.

More details

  • Reduction of the flow pulsations of 80%.
  • Reduction of the noise emissions by up to 7-9 dB(A) (average) compared to standard gear pumps.
  • Vibration reduction
  • Displacements from 0.27 to 1.62 cu.in/rev.
  • Integral gear with 12 teeth.
  • Available with flanges, shafts and ports for the main European, German and American standards.
  • Available supports with bearing.
  • Wide range of rear covers with built-in valves.
  • Compact design.

Specifiche tecniche

Displacements cmc/rev-cu.in.rev 4.6 - 0.27
Working pressure P1 bar-psi 250 - 3625
Intermittent pressure P2 bar-psi 280 - 4000
Peak pressure at P2 bar-psi 300 - 4350
Max speed rpm 4000
Min speed at P1 rpm 600


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